Who We Are

We are the Salt Shaker Trail Running Club

The Salt Shakers trail running club are a group of people that like beer so much, that we will run miles through the woods over extremely challenging terrain, just so we can get a free Pabst Blue Ribbon from Salt Gastropub in Byram, NJ.

Our Story

The Salt Shakers were born over a couple of pints of ale at Salt Gastropub in Byram NJ in the winter of 2010.
Since the beginning the Shakers have been running in the woods for 30 Tuesday nights of the year (March-September)
and having a ton of fun doing it.

Their numbers have grown from 1 to 101 runners on one particular Tuesday in 2016.
On an average Tuesday evening during the season anywhere from 60-90 can be seen at gathering at Salt for a
jaunt through the woods of Allamuchy State Park

The runs are challenging to say the least! We welcome runners and walkers of all ages and abilities (no beer for anyone under 21!). All participants are required to sign a liability waivers before participating.

The Salt Shakers have also been giving back to the community for the last 7 years.
Organizing local races, cleaning up our woods and parks, maintaining trails,
supporting local trail organizations, raising awareness of our trail systems,
raising thousands of dollars for local nonprofits and helping people to change their lives.